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Department of Commerce

Department of Commerce Forms

The forms are classified on the basis of the offices in the Department of Commerce.

Office of Security Forms (OSY)

Form NoTitle
CD- 79Request for Security Clearance
CD- 97Request for Security Assurance/Passport Clearance
CD-165Request for Authorization — Admittance to Building
CD-414Visit Authorization and Clearance Certification Request
CD-591Personal Identity Verfication (PIV) Request
CD-481Classified Document Control Record
CD-494Sensitive Information Cover Sheet
CD- 76Classified Material Receipt
CD-294Classified Data Index

Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization Forms (OSDBU)

Form NoTitle
CD-570Small Business Set-Aside Review

Office of Public Affairs Forms (OPA)

Form NoTitle
CD- 10BPhotographic Specification Sheet
CD- 11Request for Audiovisual Services
CD- 27Publication Clearance Request

Office of Management and Organization Forms (OMO)

Form NoTitle
CD-244FOIA Request and Action Record
CD-317Privacy Act Advisory Statement

Office of Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs Forms (OLIA)

Form NoTitle
CD-345Memorandum of Visit or Telephone Call
CD-571Reviewers Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Certification for Non-Government Peer Reviewers

Office of Human Resources Management Forms (OHRM)

Form NoTitle
CD-518FY2010 Senior Executive/Professional Performance Agreement
CD-351Report of Possible Safety/Health Hazard
CD-326Recommendation for Recognition
CD-352Certification of Satisfactory Completion of Managerial or Supervisory Probabtionary Period
CD- 35Probationary or Trial Period Report
CD-425Leave Analysis – 2009
CD-430Performance Management Record (including all parts)
CD-541Performance Appraisal and Position Review
CD- 70Standard Conditions of Employment for U.S. Citizens Stationed at Oversees Posts
CD- 81Authorization for Paid Overtime, Holiday Work
CD-137Report of Injury, Illness, Accident or Fatality
CD-170Incentive Awards Program Suggestion Evaluation
CD-243Request for Administration of Medication
CD-314Statement Regarding Employee Responsibilities/Conduct
CD-327Employee Referral Award
CD-395Protective Footwear Authorization/Cash Allowance Receipt
CD-399Suggestion Processing Form
CD-415Record of Employee’s Address and Emergency Information
CD-420Quarterly Review of Experts/ Consultants Appointments
CD-427Request for Job Consideration While on Leave
CD-428Guest Worker Agreement
CD-465Alternative Work Schedule, Attendance Log
CD-431Performance Management Tracking System (PMTS) Certification Report
CD-479Request for Restoration of Annual Leave
CD-503Consent of Client to Release Information
CD-516APerformance/Progress Review and Appraisal Record
CD-516BGeneric Performance Management Record
CD-516CFinal Performance Rating Using Interim Rating(s)
CD-516DAppendix B/Generic Performance Standards
CD-516p1&2Classification and Performance Management Record
CD-516p3&4Performance Summary and Rating
CD-526Court Ordered Child Care or Alimony Deductions
CD-527Audit For Leave Year –Print Only
CD-529Lump Sum Leave or Compensatory Time Payments
CD-574Office Safety Inspection Checklist for Supervisors and Program Managers
CD-577PostSecondary Internship Program Intern Evaluation Survey
CD-590Executive Personnel Transaction
CD-364Career SES Probationary Employee Certification
CD-575Request for Reasonable Accommodation
CD-138Professional Liability Insurance Reimbursement Claim

Office of General Counsel Forms (OGC)

Form NoTitle
CD-224Employee Claim for Loss/Damage to Personal Property

Office of Financial Management Forms (OFM)

Form NoTitle
CD-210Record of Gift or Bequest
CD-464Request for Authorization for Official Entertainment

Office of Civil Rights Forms (OCR)

Form NoTitle
CD-493Voluntary Emergency Assistance Request
CD-400Self-Identification of Handicapping Condition

Office of Chief Information Officer Forms (OCIO)

Form NoTitle
CD-592Nomination and Approval of Designated Agency Representative (DAR)

Office Of Administrative Services Forms (OAS)

CD-370Travel Voucher
CD-371Employee Application for Reimbursement of Expenses
CD-372Expense Record for Temporary Quarters
CD-376Voucher Difference Statement (Travel)
CD-411ARevocable License for Non-Federal Use of Real Property
CD-411Application for Use of Space in Public Buildings and Grounds
CD-488Notification of Change of Address/ Deletion from Mailing List
CD-506Request/Approval of Commerce Seal, Emblem, Insignia or Logo
CD-509Property Transaction Request
CD-536Inventory Work Sheet
CD-538Acceptance of Payment from a Non-Federal Source for Travel Expenses
CD-546Personal Property Division Loan Agreement/Receipt
CD-547Off-Site Accountable Property List
CD-578Permanent Change of Station Transportation Service Order
CD-579Freight Transportation Service Order
CD- 29IInstructions for Completing CD-29
CD-370IInstruction for Completing CD-370
CD-126Separation Clearance Certificate

Office of Aircraft Operations Forms (OAO)

Form NoTitle
CD- 25Record of Inoculation
CD-405Partial Receipt Notification
CD-406Invoice Receipt Certification
CD-409Individual Contract Action Report (over $25,000)
CD-435Procurement Request

Office of Acquisition management Forms (OAM)

Form NoTitle
CD-346Applicant for Funding Assistance
CD-450Financial Assistance Award

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Forms (NOAA)

Form NoTitle
CD-540Warehouse Issue/Pick-Up Request

Family Service Division and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Forms (FSD/NOAA)

Form NoTitle
CD-422Cashier Account Audit
CD-423Imprest Fund Verification

U.S. Executive Security and Exchange Commission Forms (EXEC SEC)

Form NoTitle
CD- 14Transmittal Slip
CD- 15Transmit/Route Slip
CD- 82ATransmittal Form (US Department of Commerce)
Form NoTitle
CD-240Invention Disclosure and Rights Questionnaire


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