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National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Forms

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

NOAA Forms Inventory

17-4Initial Report on Weather Modification Activities (Approved Information collection 0684-0025)
17-4AInterim Activity Reports and Final Report (Approved Information collection 0648-0025)
25-13Bibliographic Data Sheet (Outstanding Accomplishments in Research(OAR)
25-18Review of Manuscript (OAR)
25-20Record of Review and Release of Scientific or Technical Manuscript (OAR)
25-23Notice of Scientific or Technical Talk (OAR)
34-6Imprest Fund Purchases
34-34NOAA Finance Accounting Coding Document (Cost Transfer)
34-54Daily Overtime Record
34-68Labor Cost Adjustment
34-560Reimbursable Project Authorization (OAR)
36-14Agreement for Observer Reports
37-1Telecommunications Service Authorization
37-4Stores Requisition
37-6Report of Property Constructed
37-19Property Loan Agreement
37-19AArtifacts Loan Agreement
37-39Personal Property System (PPS) Acquisition Record
37-40Personal Custody Property Record/Hand Receipt
37-41Heritage Assets Data Compilation
37-43Report of Deferred Maintenance
39-9Special Authorization for Overnight Storage of Government Vehicle
41-1Request for Office Services
42-05Trip Authorization
42-8Aircraft Charter Agreement
42-15Bill of Lading Request
42-28Application for Transit Benefits
46-11Report of Change to NOAA Locator
46-12NOAA FTS 2001 Contract Service
47-44NOAA Section 508 Standards Checklist & Assessment Certification
505ARequisition for Duplication Service (Instructions for 50-5A included as attachement)
56-1Travel and/or Organization Change Order (Commissioned Officers)
56-6ANOAA Commissioned Corps Officer Evaluation Report (OER)
56-6BNOAA Commissioned Corps Reviewer Comments
56-6CNOAA Commissioned Corps Officer Support Form (OSF)
56-12Officer Leave Request and Authorization
56-14Record of Emergency Data
56-15Family Separation Allowance (FSA) Worksheet (Commissioned Officers)
56-18Home of Record Report & Place From Which Ordered to Active Duty
56-25AService Report
56-26NOAA Corps Travel Information
56-28ANOAA Commissioned Officer Billet Description
56-40APersonal Data Resume NOAA Commissioned Corps
56-62NOAA Observer Diver Report
56-63Recommendation for Award – Commissioned Officers
56-64Reimbursement Request for Adoption Expenses – Commissioned Officers
56-65Reimbursement for Mess Food Supplies
56-66Flights Of Opportunity Reporting Form
56-67Authorization For Release of Medical Records
58-01Clearance Sheet
58-05NOAA Administrative Order Series
61-29Letter Transmitting Data
62-22NOAA Vital Records Inventory
65-08Request for Security Services
77-13bDeck Log – Remarks Sheet
77-13b(1)Deck Log – Remarks Sheet (Continuation)
77-13dDeck Log – Weather Observation Sheet
77-65Request for Ship Time
89-812U.S. Department of Commerce Seafood Inspection Program Monthly Summary
89-812AU.S. Department of Commerce Seafood Inspection Program Monthly Summary (Part 2)
370Fisheries Certificate of Origin
StationeryCommon-use NOAA Letterhead (Official Government Use Only)
Stationery Specifications and Standards (DAO 214-2); Amendment 1
NOAA employees are advised that the generic format used is the Basic Letterhead, Section 4, Exhibits 4 and 6, DAO 214-2.
Exhibit 9-1Finance Handbook Chapter 9 Section 10
Product Service Cost Computation
Business Card Form NOAA Business Card Order Form


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