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Department Of Energy

Department of Energy Forms is designed to obtain or provide structured information common to the needs of two or more DOE field or Headquarters organizations. The Forms are classified on the basis of the Subject

Management & Administration
Form NoDescription
DOE F 206.3Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Request for DOE Security Badge
DOE F 241.2Notice of Energy RD&D Project
DOE F 241.3Announcement of Scientific and Technical Information (STI) (For use by Financial Assistance Recipients and Non-Major Contractors)
DOE F 241.4Announcement of Computer Software
DOE F 280.1Inventions Made by Government Employees Executive Order 10096
DOE F 284Nuclear Material Transfer Report
DOE F 321.1Service Agreement for an Overseas Position
DOE F 331.2
Senior Executive Service Performance AppraisalSES Form Only (word)
DOE F 350.1Contractor Salary-Wage Increase Expenditure Report
DOE F 360.1SESCDP – Executive Development Plan
DOE F 360.2SESCDP – Revisions to Executive Development Plan
DOE F 360.3SESCDP – Developmental Assignment Opportunity
DOE F 360.4SESCDP – Supervisor’s Evaluation of Candidate’s Performance During Developmental Assignment
DOE F 360.5SESCDP – Candidate Developmental Assignment Evaluation
DOE F 360.6SESCDP – Evaluation of Formal Training
DOE F 440.1DOE F 440.210 CFR Part 850 – Appendix A Chronic Beryllium Disease Prevention Program Informed Consent FormRequest for Investigation or Inspection of Safety or Security Violations
DOE F 470.1Contract Security Classification Specification (CSCS) Actual Place of Performane
DOE F 470.2Facility Data and Approval Record (FDAR)
DOE F 470.3Human Reliability Program Certification
DOE F 470.4Acknowledgment and Agreement to Participate in the Human Reliability Program
DOE F 470.5
Authorization and Consent to Release Human Reliability Program Records in Connection with HRP
DOE F 470.6
Refusal of Consent
DOE F 470.7Human Reliability Program Alcohol Testing Form
DOE F 470.8Survey/Inspection Report Form
DOE F 471.1Security Incident Notification Report
DOE F 472.1DOE F 473.2Fair Credit Reporting Act AuthorizationSecurity Badge Request
DOE F 540.1State Energy Program (SEP) Narative Information Worksheet
DOE F 540.2WAP Annual File Worksheet
DOE F 540.3
WAP Quarterly Program Report
DOE F 540.4Weatherization Assistance Program Annual Training, Technical Assistance, Monitoring, and Leverage Report
DOE F 540.5
Weatherization Assistance Program Subgrantee Information
DOE F 551.1Request for Approval of Foreign Travel
DOE F 580.1End-Use Certificate
DOE/NRC F 740MConcise Note
DOE/NRC F 740MConcise Note (Preprinted)
DOE F 741Nuclear Material Transaction Report
DOE/NRC F 741Nuclear Material Transaction Report
DOE/NRC F 742Material Balance Report
DOE/NRC F 742CPhysical Inventory Listing
DOE/NRC F 742Material Balance Report
DOE/NRC F 742CDOE/NRC Physical Inventory Listing
DOE F 749ADP Transcription Sheet Internal Project Transfers
DOE/DP F 749ADP Transription Sheet – Internal Projects Transfers
DOE F 798Retirement Annuity Computation Request
DOE F 1300.2Report of Non-Government Standards Activity
DOE F 1300.5Project Registration and Approval Request
DOE F 1322.4Forms Checklist/Approval
DOE F 1324.1Division of Library Services Record of Accessions
DOE F 1324.5Request for Records Disposition Authority
DOE F 1324.9Records Inventory and Disposition Schedule (RIDS) [Continued…]
DOE F 1324.10Records Inventory and Disposition Schedule (RIDS)
DOE F 1324.14Records Maintenance and Disposition Instructions
DOE F 1325.7Telecommunication Message
DOE F 1325.7ATelecommunication Message (Data)
DOE F 1325.8Memorandum
DOE F 1340.3Request for Public Communications Publication Approval
DOE F 1340.3APublic Communications Publications Procurement Proposal
DOE F 1350.2Property Receipt
DOE F 1350.4DOE Program Review Centers
DOE F 1400.8Motor Vehicle Petroleum Issue Record
DOE F 1400.10Record of Special Messenger Services
DOE F 1400.12Parking Permit Application
DOE F 1400.20DOE F 1420.7Retirement Work Order
Graphics Work Request
DOE F 1420.11Direct Charge Authorization
DOE F 1430.1Energy Library Classified Receipt
DOE F 1430.5Request for Library Acquisition
DOE F 1440.3Letter Reporting Theft of Property on Non-GSA Site
DOE F 1450.5ACertification of Timesharing Logon Id Owner Responsibilities
DOE F 1450.5bRequest for Commercial Timesharing Services
DOE F 1450.6Request for System Control Identification Number
DOE F 1500.4Request and Authorization for Expenditure of Official Reception and Representation Expenses
DOE F 1500.5United States Department of Energy
Energy Finance and Accounting Service Center Travel Authorization and Program Manager Signature Card
DOE F 1500.6Employee Application for Relocation Services
DOE F 1500.7Employee Relocation Income Tax (RIT) Allowance Certification
DOE F 1510.9Request and Authorization for Official Travel (Change of Station)
DOE F 1512.3Security Analysis of Proposed Travel to Sensitive Countries
DOE F 1520.1Employee Application for Reimbursement of Expenses Incurred Upon Sale or Purchase (on separate form for each) of Residence Upon Change of Official Station
DOE F 1600.1Complaint of Discrimination
DOE F 1600.2EEO Counselor’s Report
DOE F 1600.3Monthly Precompliant Counseling Report
DOE F 1600.5Assurance of Compliance Nondiscrimination in Federally Assisted Programs
DOE F 1600.7Applicant Disability, Race/National Origin and Sex Identification
DOE F 1800.1Privacy Act Information Request

DOE F 2000.4Record of Invention
DOE F 2030.1Pre-Procuremet Organizational Conflict of Interest
DOE F 2030.2Pre-Procurement Organizational Conflicts of Interest Information Abstract
DOE F 2040.3Employee Claim for Loss or Damage to Person Property
DOE F 2050.2Patent Assignment Form
DOE F 2050.2A(Joint)Patent Assignment Form
DOE F 2050.10Patent Information Sheet
DOE F 2050.11Patent Certification
DOE F 2100.1Request for Allotment of Funds for Transfer Appropriations and Other Special Accounts
DOE F 2100.2Financial Information Subsystem Transcription Sheet
DOE F 2050.4Invention Rights Questionnaire
DOE F 2220.2Overtime Request And Authorization For Payment
DOE F 2240.7Transfer Voucher

Personnel Management
DOE F 3220.3Report of Contractor Hours and Earnings
DOE F 3220.4AReport of Contractor Expenditures for Employee Supplementary Compensation
DOE F 3220.5Application for Contractor Compensation Approval
DOE F 3230.6AReport of Compensation, Part I-Individual Compensation
DOE F 3250.1Exit Interview
DOE F 3304.2Quarterly Report Expert or Consultant Appointment
DOE F 3305.2Request for Senior Executive Service (SES) Personnel Action
DOE F 3305.6Executive Personnel Board Action
DOE F 3305.8Executive Position Justification
DOE F 3305.10Senior Executive Service Candidate Development Program Application
DOE F 3305.11SES Executive Skills Matrix (Questionnaire to be completed by Career SES Members)
DOE F 3305.12SES Executive Skills Matrix (Questionnaire to be completed by Supervisors of Career SES Members)
DOE F 3305.13Part I – Executive Profile
DOE F 3305.14aPart II – Managerial Competencies A. Integration of Internal and External Program/Policy Issues
DOE F 3305.14bPart II – B. Organizational Representation and Liaison
DOE F 3305.14cPart II – C. Direction and Guidance of Programs, Projects or Policy Development
DOE F 3305.14dPart II – D. Acquisition and Administrative of Financial and Material Resources
DOE F 3305.14ePart II – E. Utilization of Human Resources
DOE F 3305.14fPart II – F. Review of Implementation and Results
DOE F 3305.15Part III – Technical Competencies
DOE F 3315.1Probationary Period Evaluation for Supervisors and Managers
DOE F 3330.1Priority Consideration or Placement Registration
DOE F 3420.2Action Plan
DOE F 3430.7Performance Record for Performance Management and Recognition System Employees and Performance Management System Employees
DOE F 3430.7ACertifications
DOE F 3430.7BPerformance Appraisal Plan (Continuation Sheet)
DOE F 3430.7CPMRS/PMS Performance Rating
DOE F 3450.1Employee Suggestion
DOE F 3450.2Evaluation of Employee Suggestion/Invention, Adoption, and Approval of Award
DOE F 3450.3Nomination for Incentive Award
DOE F 3511.1Position Description
 Nomination for PMRS Performance Award
DOE F 3550.2Nomination for Quality Increase
DOE F 3630.1Leave Donation
DOE F 3731.1Position Sensitivity Level Designation
DOE F 3735.2Foreign Gifts Statement
DOE F 3735.3Foreign Travel Statement

Logistic Management
DOE F 4200.33Procurement Request-Authorization
DOE F 4200.34Procurement Request-Authorization Funding Data (Continuation Sheet)
DOE F 4200.40Individual Procurement Action Report (IPAR)
DOE F 4200.40AIndividual Procurement Action Report (IPAR)
DOE F 4200.41Individual Procurement Action Report Supplement for Procurement and Financial Assistance
DOE F 4220.2Small Business Review
DOE F 4220.10Congressional, Public, and Intergovernmental Affairs (CP) Notification
DOE F 4220.23Weighted Guidelines Profit/Fee Objective
DOE F 4250.2Requisition for Supplies, Equipment, or Service
DOE F 4250.3Order for Supplies or Services
DOE F 4250.4Order for Supplies or Services Schedule – Continuation
DOE F 4300.3Semi-Annual Summary Report of DOE-Owned Plant and Capital Equipment (P&CE)
DOE F 4420.2Personal Property Loan Agreement
DOE F 4600.1Notice of Financial Assistance Award
DOE F 4600.2Federal Assistance Reporting Checklist
DOE F 4600.3Federal Assistance Milestone Plan
DOE F 4600.3AMilestone Log
DOE F 4600.4Federal Assistance Budget Information
DOE F 4600.5Federal Assistance Summary Report
DOE F 4600.6Federal Assistance Program/Project Status Report
DOE F 4620.1& DOE F 4650.2Grant Application Forms (In Excel 5.0 format)
DOE F 4700.2Federal Assistance Budget Information

Program Planning & Management
DOE F 5160.1Reprogramming, Restructuring, and Appropriation Transfer Summary
DOE F 5480.4Contractor Employee Occupational Safety or Health Complaint
DOE F 5484.3Individual Accident/Incident Report
DOE F 5484.4Tabulation of Work-Hours and Vehicle Usage, and Property Valuation
DOE F 5500.2Operational Incident Report
DOE F 5631.18Security Acknowledgement
DOE F 5631.20Request for Visit or Access Approval
DOE F 5631.29Security Termination Statement
DOE F 5631.34Data Report on Spouse/Cohabitant
DOE F 5632.15Request for Lost/Stolen Badge Replacement
DOE F 5634.1Safeguards and Security Survey Report
DOE F 5635.3Classified Document Receipt
DOE F 5635.9Record of Destruction
DOE F 5639.2Reporting Unaccounted for Documents

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