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General Services Administration

General Services Administration – GSA

The forms listed below originate within General Services Administration. They are used by GSA associates, contractors and customers

Form NoTitle
CURRENTComplete Listing of Current GSA Forms
SERVICESRequests for GSA Forms Services Processed in FY2008/2009
GSA1Directive Clearance Sheet
GSA10Keep Out (High Voltage Use Only)
GSA14Routing Slip
GSA27Notice of Award (Sale of Government Owned Personal Property)
GSA27BPurchaser’s Receipt and Authority to Release Property – Over The Counter
GSA48Request and Record of Identification
GSA49Requisition/Procurement Request for Equipment, Supplies or Services
GSA49ARequisition/Procurement Request for Equipment, Supplies or Services (Continuation)
GSA50Requisition for Reproduction Services
GSA50ASupplemental Requisition for Reproduction Services
GSA52Certification of Official Records
GSA53Fire Incident Report
GSA55Certificate of Elevator Inspection
GSA64Periodic Building Cleaning Work Assignment and Report
GSA66Request for Valuation Service
GSA66ARequest for Valuation Service – Acquisition
GSA87Official TDY Travel Authorization
GSA87AOfficial Change of Duty Station Authorization
GSA102Contractors Report Letter
GSA138Record of Keys Issued
GSA139Record of Arrival and Departure from Buildings During Security Hours
GSA159Monthly Log and Summary of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses, GSA Regional Employees
GSA176Basic National Agency Check Criminal History
GSA184Construction Progress Report
GSA184AConstruction Progress Report (Work Branch Breakdown)
GSA184BConstruction Progress Report (Change Order Breakdown)
GSA218Certificate of Contract Completion
GSA220Inspection Report for Work Under Contract
GSA225Record of Infraction
GSA252Found Property Tag
GSA273Report of Complaint Investigated
GSA276Supplemental Lease Agreement
GSA277GSA General Employee Identification Card
GSA283Notice of Work Required (Building, Equipment, etc.)
GSA300Order for Supplies and Services
GSA300AOrder for Supplies and Services Continuation Sheet
GSA308Notice of Inspection
GSA333Monthly Performance Analysis Report
GSA349Inspection Report of Boiler
GSA350Inspection Report of Unfired Pressure Vessels
GSA353Performance Evaluation and Facilities Report
GSA371Special Tag
GSA376Elevator Inspection Report
GSA378Signature/Coordination Tab
GSA387Analysis of Values Statement (Leased Space)
GSA420Freight Rate and Route Request/Response
GSA477Do Not Issue This Stock – Merchandise
GSA480Refrigeration Operating Record
GSA508Request for Exception to Section 508 Requirement (29 U.S.C. 794D)
GSA524Authorization for Property Release
GSA525Property Transfer Authorization
GSA526Report of Property for Survey
GSA527Contractor’s Qualifications and Financial Information
GSA533-1Administrative Difference Statement for Temporary Duty Travel
GSA544Request, Authorization and Report of Overtime
GSA553Authorization and Request to Transfer Salary Costs Between Funds
GSA553ASalary Cost Transfer Worksheet
GSA618DStatement to be Submitted When Work is Performed Personally
GSA687Register of Remittances Received
GSA789Statement, Voucher and Schedule of Withdrawals and Credits
GSA850Temporary Contractor Information Worksheet
GSA873Annual Attendance Record – 2009
GSA873Annual Attendance Record – 2010
GSA873AAnnual Attendance Record (Part Time Employees) – 2009
GSA873AAnnual Attendance Record (Part Time Employees) – 2010
GSA917Request for Information Processing or Data Communications and Networking Support
GSA936Reconciliation of Total Cost Reported in Real Property Inventory with General Ledger
GSA1011Real Property Remittance Advice
GSA1015Instructions to Contractors (Construction Contract)
GSA1025Receipt for Property
GSA1029Merit Promotion Referral
GSA1034Certificate of Inspection of Pressure Vessels
GSA1034AAcknowledgment of Certif of Inspection Pressure Vessels
GSA1039Record of Property Found and Attempts to Contact Owner
GSA1079Federal Building Fund – Daily Time Report
GSA1099Emergency Call Numbers List (Key Persons)
GSA1142Release of Claims
GSA1160Guide for Assembling Specifications, Specification Drawings, and Bid Forms
GSA1166Annual Report of Real Property Owned By or Leased To the United States
GSA1169Closed Value Warning Tag
GSA1171New Item Application
GSA1181Cleaning Inspection Report
GSA1181AContract Cleaning Inspection Report
GSA1181BContract Cleaning Inspection Assignment
GSA1195Application for Placement on GSA Register of Available Real Estate Appraisers
GSA1204Condition Survey Report
GSA1209Summary of Installations Owned or Leased to the United States
GSA1217Lessor’s Annual Cost Statement
GSA1226Contract to Sell Real Property
GSA1228Monthly Report of Real Property Appraisal Contracts Awarded
GSA1231Elevator Data Card
GSA1239Construction Management Site Data Inventory
GSA1241Contract for Appraisal Report
GSA1241ASpecifications for the GSA Analytical Narrative Appraisal Report
GSA1241BOutline for In-Lease Appraisal Report
GSA1241DDefinition of Terms (Contract for Appraisal Report)
GSA1241EIn-Lease Appraisal
GSA1305Reviewer’s Appraisal Analysis
GSA1321Conversation with Member of Congress or Member’s Staff
GSA1334Request for Transfer of Excess Real and Related Personal Property
GSA1349Personal Data Statement
GSA1359Register of Employee Suggestions
GSA1364Proposal to Lease Space
GSA1364GProposal to Lease Space Guidance
GSA1364iGSA1364 Instructions
GSA1374Motor Vehicle Petroleum Issue Record
GSA1378Record of, and Receipt For, Bids and Responses
GSA1380National Security Position
GSA1390AQuarterly Postage Mail Report, Record of Accountable Metered Mail Report
GSA1390BQuarterly Postage Mail Report, Record of Accountable Stamped Mail Report
GSA1407MHE Shop Repair Order
GSA1432Determination of Surplus (Excess Real Property and Related Personal Property)
GSA1433Specifications for GSA Site Investigation Report
GSA1440Clearance Record and Worksheet
GSA1458Motor Vehicle Maintenance, Repair and Service Purchase Order
GSA1500Report of Security Violation
GSA1502GSA Issuance Number
GSA1520Proposal Record
GSA1533Utilities Contract
GSA1535Recommendation for Award
GSA1535ARecommendation for Award(s) Continuation
GSA1544YLP Marking and Repacking Charges Record
GSA1560Recommendation of Evaluation Panel
GSA1566Top Secret Control Sheet
GSA1567Register of Top Secret Material
GSA1577Performance Analysis Report
GSA1582Revocable License for Non-Federal Use of Real Property
GSA1583Permit for Use of Real Property by Federal Agency
GSA1584Contract Summary
GSA1584AContract Summary – Continuation
GSA1592Quality Control Inspection Record
GSA1593Motor Vehicle Accident Resume
GSA1602Notice Concerning Solicitation
GSA1611Application for Shipping Instructions and Notice of Availability
GSA1626Record of Expenditures (Economy Act Limitation)
GSA1639Contract Item Data File Maintenance
GSA1643bInventory List of Office Machines
GSA1649Notification of Federal Supply Schedule Improvement
GSA1655Employee Clearance Checklist
GSA1656Inventory of Emergency Operating Records
GSA1656BIdentification Label – Prepositioned Records
GSA1667Register of Purchases (Retail Operations)
GSA1675APeriodic Space Inspection
GSA1678Status Report of Orders and Shipments
GSA1679Contract Administration
GSA1683Negotiated Electric Utility Contract
GSA1686Real Property Disposal Activities Control
GSA1686AReal Property Disposal Activities Control – Continuation Sheet
GSA1697Daily Production Record – Photographic Services
GSA1703Misdescription Claims Record
GSA1735Information Regarding Buy American Act
GSA1736Equipment Inventory List
GSA1737Operator Assignment
GSA1738Preventive Maintenance Control
GSA1739Equipment History
GSA1741Instructions to Bidders – Sealed Bid (Government Real and Related Personal Property)
GSA1741AInstructions to Bidders – Auction (Government Real and Related Personal Property)
GSA1742General Terms of Sale (Government Real and Related Personal Property)
GSA1743General Terms of Lease (Government Real and Related Personal Property)
GSA1748Weekly Itinerary (GSA Quality Assurance Specialist)
GSA1755Permit for Welding, Cutting, or Brazing
GSA1756Permit for Welding, Cutting or Brazing
GSA1760For Lease – Government Real Property
GSA1766Structured Approach Profit/Fee Objective
GSA1781Motor Vehicle Requisition
GSA1782Buildings Manager Concessions Inspection Record
GSA1789AFormer President’s Domestic Mail
GSA1789BFormer President’s International Mail
GSA1814Job Order Control
GSA1879Maintenance Authorization
GSA1887PBS Elevator Operation Schedule
GSA1903Notice to Bidder (Construction Contract)
GSA1904Quality Evaluation
GSA1915Mailing List Application for Excess Personal Property Catalogs and Bulletins
GSA1919Business Service Center Activity Report
GSA1974Notification of Outside Activity
GSA1995Return of Payroll Document for Correction
GSA2010Simplified Acquisition Tabulation Source List/Abstract
GSA2039Records Maintenance Plan
GSA2048BDocument Cover for Official Use Only
GSA2053Agency Consolidated Requirements for GSA Regulations and Other External Issuances
GSA2068AADP Sharing Services Provided to Other Agencies or Obtained from Commercial Sources
GSA2075Quarterly Summary of Government Motor Vehicle Accidents
GSA2080Invoice Discrepancies (Vehicle Repairs or Credit Card Purchases)
GSA2082Request for Employees’ Uniform Allowance Payments
GSA2083Request for Official Passport
GSA2091Public Buildings Service Cupboard Stock Allowance List
GSA2094Imprest Fund Cash Count
GSA2099EEO Counselor Credentials
GSA2103Annual Man-Hour Tour Requirements – Operating Engineer
GSA2103AAnnual Man-Hour Tour Requirements – Elevator Mechanic
GSA2103BAnnual Man-Hour Tour Requirements – Electrician
GSA2104Annual Man-Hour Watch Requirements – Central Refrigeration Plant
GSA2104AAnnual Man-Hour Watch Requirements – Steam Generating Plant (High Pressure)
GSA2105Annual Man-Hour Preventive Maintenance Requirements
GSA2107Annual Building Operation and Maintenance Craft Requirements
GSA2109Annual Field Office Craft Requirements
GSA2116Employee Claim for Loss or Damage to Personal Property
GSA2131Building Cleaning Survey – Summary Sheet
GSA2136FTS Trouble Report Log
GSA2151Records Maintenance and Disposition Report
GSA2157Statement of Employment and Financial Interests
GSA2160Acknowledgment of Receipt of Standards of Conduct
GSA2178Quality Control Facility Surveillance
GSA2192Request for Forms Management Services
GSA2206DO Priority Rating Register
GSA2255Service and Reimbursement Agreement – Moving Expense Allowance (Within Contiguous United States)
GSA2352ID Label for Personal Property Items
GSA2400Shop Drawing Record (Architectural)
GSA2401Record of Sample Submittals
GSA2419Certificate of Progress Payment Under Fixed-Price Construction Contracts
GSA2429Contact Record
GSA2437Findings of Fact for Contract Modification
GSA2451Bid Card
GSA2452Sales Register
GSA2458Mail Log
GSA2465Notice of Appeal
GSA2480List of Defects and Omissions
GSA2480AList of Defects or Omissions (continuation sheet)
GSA2485Cost Comparison for Shipping Household Goods
GSA2494Claim for Reimbursement of Closing Costs for Sale of Old Residence
GSA2494AClaim for Reimbursement of Closing Costs for Purchase of New Residence
GSA2507GSA Vacancy Announcement
GSA2511P1Temporary Quarters Expense Report
GSA2511p2Temporary Quarters Expense Report page 2
GSA2522Quality Review
GSA2523Lampist Daily Call Record
GSA2543Low Voltage Circuit Breaker Test Record (Less than 600 volts)
GSA2543ANetwork Protector Test Record
GSA2548Monthly Labor Report (For WG Employees)
GSA2551QA Surveillance Control
GSA2552Request and Approval for Transfer of Vehicles
GSA2553Vehicle Capitalization, Repair and Disposal Request and Authorization
GSA2560Receiving Accuracy (GSA Forms 3103 and 3223c)
GSA2561Weekly Status Report – Outstanding Receipts
GSA2562Refusal Research Register
GSA2563Monthly Warehouse Refusal Research Report
GSA2564Bin Bulk Selector Error Record
GSA2565Monthly Selector Accuracy Report
GSA2567Monthly Storage Location Report
GSA2578Report of Investigation of Claim for Waiver of Erroneous Payment of Pay and Allowances
GSA2580Guard Post Assignment Record
GSA2596Report of Purchases in Excess of Schedule Contract Maximum Order Limitations
GSA2620Monthly/Quarterly Inventory Report
GSA2630Architect-Engineer Cost Estimate
GSA2631Architect-Engineer Cost Estimate Summary
GSA2642Master Control
GSA2648EEO Counseling Report
GSA2689Procurement Not Set Aside
GSA2722PBS Facility Security Checklist
GSA2727Request to Add Item(s) to GSA Retail Stock
GSA2889FBF – Billing Credit/Refund Data Input
GSA2908Employee’s Withholding Certificate for Local Taxes
GSA2910Contract Employee Suitability Record
GSA2912Bidder Registration
GSA2912ABidder Registration – Auction (Set A)
GSA2912BBidder Registration – Auction (Set B)
GSA2912CBidder Registration – Auction (Set C)
GSA2912DBidder Registration – Auction (Set D)
GSA2931Item Number Card
GSA2935FBF (TID) General Purpose Coding Document
GSA2939FBF (TID) Batch Control Record
GSA2941Parking Application
GSA2942NEAR Vendor Register Coding Document
GSA2945Business Promotion and Counseling Record
GSA2949NEAR Financial Extension Document
GSA2950FBF Recurring Service Input Document – Fixed Contracts
GSA2957Reimbursable Work Authorization
GSA2967Request for Specification and/or Purchase Description Action
GSA2972Agency Request for Adjustment/OPAC Charge-Backs to FBF Rent Billings
GSA2974Status Report for Federally Funded or Leased Buildings – Accommodation of Physically Handicapped
GSA2981Extension of Acceptance Time for Bid
GSA2991Lease Market Survey for Existing Building
GSA2992Adjustment Voucher for Standard Level User Charge Transaction
GSA2997Annual Report on Relocation and Real Property Acquisition Activities
GSA3017Labor Standards Interview
GSA3024Contract Information Multiple Award Federal Supply Schedule
GSA3025Receiving Report
GSA3026Asset Control System
GSA3035FTS Call Reporting Log
GSA3048Switchboard Physical Security Checklist
GSA3079Record of Official Time Used for Representational Functions
GSA3080Household Goods Carrier Evaluation Report
GSA3091Working Capital Fund Billing Input Transmittal/Batch Record
GSA3118Confirmation of Personal Property Reported for Disposal Action
GSA3162Security Termination Statement
GSA3163p1Operations Activity Report
GSA3169Reconciliation of Sale of Government-Owned Personal Property
GSA3192Probationary Period Appraisal Report for Supervisor/Manager
GSA3196Sale of Government Personal Property – Auction
GSA3197Sale of Government Personal Property – Spot Bid
GSA3201Receiving Reporting Adjustment
GSA3222Shipping Order
GSA3226Stock Adjustment Increases
GSA3226AStock Adjustment Decreases
GSA3254Production Procurement Plan
GSA3258Transmittal of Stock Replenishment Requirements
GSA3279Packaging, Packing and Marking Deficiency Report
GSA3282AOperating Budget Plan
GSA3282CFT Fund Allowance
GSA3283Federal Buildings Fund – Operating Budget Plan
GSA3285FBF Project Allowance
GSA3291Monthly Performance Report
GSA3320Estimate Worksheet
GSA3359Master Calibration Record
GSA3363Privacy Act Information Disclosure Record
GSA3375Proposal Brief for Publications and Audiovisuals
GSA3396Report of Compliance Activity
GSA3400Correspondence Routing Slip
GSA3401Document Summary
GSA3402Information Copy and Background Tab
GSA3403Signature and Incoming Tab
GSA3409Personal Qualifications Statement for Appointment as Contracting Officer
GSA3410Request for Appointment
GSA3412Initial Screening Worksheet for Merit Promotion Action
GSA3413Supervisory Appraisal of Demonstrated Performance or Potential
GSA3418Crediting Plan for Candidate Evaluation
GSA3419Candidate Ranking Worksheet
GSA3420Contract/Modification File Checklist File Format (Award)
GSA3422Individual Development Plan
GSA3423Mechanical Contract Inspection Report
GSA3440Performance Plan and Appraisal Record for Non-Supervisory Associates
GSA3440BPerformance Plan and Appraisal Record for Non-Senior Executive Service Management and Supervisory Associates
GSA3453Application/Permit for Use of Space in Public Buildings and Grounds
GSA3459Semiannual Affirmative Action Plan Accomplishment Report for Disabled Persons Including Disabled Veterans
GSA3467Formal Complaint of Discrimination
GSA3471Abstract of Offers
GSA3474Project Cost Comparison Summary
GSA3484Contractor/Supplier Address File Maintenance (Doc. I.D. – YGV)
GSA3486Lease of Real Property
GSA3505Labor Standards (Construction Contract)(Applicable to Contracts in Excess of $2,000)
GSA3516Solicitation Provisions (Acquisition of Leasehold Interests in Real Property)
GSA3516ASolicitation Provisions (Full Text)
GSA3517General Clauses (Acquisition of Leasehold Interests in Real Property)
GSA3517AGeneral Clauses (Short Form)
GSA3517BGeneral Clauses (3517 Full Text)
GSA3517CGeneral Clauses (Short Form, Full Text)
GSA3518Representations and Certifications (Acquisition of Leasehold Interests in Real Property)
GSA3518ARepresentations and Certifications (Short Form)
GSA3521Blanket Purchase Agreement
GSA3525Application for Customer Supply Center Services and Address Change
GSA3526Monthly Report of Disposal Appraisal Activity
GSA3535Request for Cataloging/Supply Management Data Action
GSA3537Information Processing, Data Communications and Networking Resources Requirements Forecase
GSA3539Quality Deficiency Notice
GSA3542Customer Supply Center Order
GSA3551Contract/Charter/Rental Aircraft Cost and Utilization
GSA3557Tax Status Certification
GSA3559Report for Facility Safety, Health or Fire Protection Survey
GSA3559BFollow-up Status Report for Facility Safety, Health or Fire Protection Survey
GSA3560Determination of Position Sensitivity
GSA3566Office Automation System Request and Description
GSA3567Office Automation Performance and Acceptance Record
GSA3573Quantity Adjustment/Warehouse Refusal
GSA3580Customer Supply Center Discrepancy Report
GSA3582Request for Visit Approval
GSA3583Standardization Project Record
GSA3586Notice of Non-Federal Claims Receivable
GSA3590Authorization for Release of Information
GSA3592GSA Employee Report of Unsafe or Unhealthy Working Conditions
GSA3594Personal Property Sales Package Transmittal
GSA3599Program Component – Basic Information – Description
GSA3601Monthly Home-to-Work Transportation Log
GSA3602Credit Card Collection – Excess Travel Advances
GSA3602ACredit Card Collection – Leases
GSA3602BCredit Card Collection – Claims and Debits
GSA3607Motor Vehicle Operator’s License and Driving Record
GSA3608Procurement Integrity Certification of Departing GSA Procurement Official
GSA3611Source Selection Information Cover Page
GSA3617Record of Authorization of Access to Proprietary or Source Selection Information
GSA3618Daily Abstract of Deductions for Contractual Cleaning
GSA3620Report of GSA Property Damage or Non-GSA Employee Personal Injury
GSA3622Senior Executive Service Recertification
GSA3623Supervisor’s Supplemental Report of GSA Employee Injury/Illness
GSA3624Log of Federal Occupational Injuries and Illnesses
GSA3625Confined Space Entry Permit
GSA3626U.S. Government Lease for Real Property (Short Form)
GSA3627Market Survey
GSA3628Lease Action Summary
GSA3631Evaluation Panel Summary
GSA3636GSA Record of Purchase Card Orders
GSA3637Severance Pay Worksheet
GSA3638Pest Control Work and Inspection Report
GSA3641Senior Federal Travel
GSA3648Public Trust Position
GSA3650Inquiry for US Government Use Only (Educational Inquiry)
GSA3651Inquiry for United States Government Use Only (Law Enforcement Inquiry)
GSA3654Modified Work Agreement Flexible Workplace Program (Work at Home)
GSA3654AModified Telecommuter Work Agreement for Telework Center
GSA3655Work At Home Program Safety Checklist – Employee Certification
GSA3656Supervisory-Employee Checkout List
GSA3657Flexiplace Renewal Agreement
GSA3661Purchase Card Application and Maintenance
GSA3663Criminal Investigations Biweekly Time Report
GSA3665Authorization to Obtain Credit Report
GSA3667Application for Transportation Fringe Benefits
GSA3671Individual Contract Report for Contracts Exceeding $182,000 for the Purchase of Supplies and Equipment (Nonappropriated Funds)
GSA3672Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS) Contracting Office Code Report
GSA3674Child Care Subsidy Application – Parent
GSA3675Transit Subsidy Program Application
GSA3675ATransit Subsidy Program Application (SmartBenefits)
GSA3676Confirmation of Reasonable Accommodation
GSA3677Review of Reasonable Accommodation Request
GSA3681Lease File Checklist
GSA3681AGuidance for Lease File Checklise
GSA3683Performance Appraisal Self-Assessment Summary
GSA3686ATemporary Certificate of Occupancy
GSA3686BCertificate of Occupancy
GSA3687HSPD-12 Personal Identity Verification and Credentialing Handbook Revision Request
GSA3688Employee’s Service Agreement for Receipt of a Recruitment Incentive
GSA3689Employee’s Service Agreement for Receipt of a Relocation Incentive
GSA3690Employee’s Service Agreement for Receipt of a Retention Incentive
GSA3693Request for Waiver of Dual Compensation (Salary Offset) Need to Retain
GSA3694Request for Waiver of Dual Compensation (Salary Offset) Other Unusual Circumstances
GSA3695Mentor-Protege Program Application
GSA3696Command Center Personnel/Occupant Emergency Team Coordinators Present for Evacuation
GSA3697Evacuation Report/Survey
GSA3698Employee Requesting Evacuation Assistance
GSA12000Prelease Fire Protection and Life Safety Evaluation for a Low-Rise Office Building
GSA12001Prelease Fire Protection and Life Safety Evaluation for a High-Rise Office Building
GSA6027Security Specialist Worksheet
GSA7422FBF – Appropriation/Congressional Limitation Schedule
GSA7437Art-In-Architecture Program – National Artist Registry
GSA7906ANew Item Introductory Schedule (NIIS) Annual Contract Review
GSA7925Notice of Overcharge
GSA9534Board of Contract Appeals Subpoena


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