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National Science Foundation

All the forms mentioned below are in Word Document.


  • Multimedia Permission & Use of Copyrighted Material Form DOC
  • Fellowship Payment Record, Form 1367 DOC
  • Host Institutional Allowance Request – Form 220 DOC
  • Fellowship Action Form – Form 383 DOC
  • Fast Start Direct Deposit (Form 1379)DOC
  • Fellowship Termination Certificate and Grant Fiscal Report (Form 453)DOC
  • Travel Certificate for Fellows (Form 524)DOC
  • Request for Stipend Advance (Form 929)DOC
  • Fellowship Starting Certificate (Form 349)DOC
  • Conflict-of-Interest and Confidentiality Statement for NSF PanelistsDOC
  • Confidential Conflict-of-Interest Statement for NSF Advisory Committee Members: DOC
  • Stakeholder Feedback Form HTML
  • IPA/VSEE Applicant Survey Form 1232DOC
  • Presidential Awards for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring Program Information FormHTML
  • IPA/VSEE Incoming IPA Conflicts-of-Interests CertificationDOC
  • IPA/VSEE Election Form for Lost Consulting and Travel/Per Diem DOC
  • VSEE Compensation Certification Form DOC
  • IPA/VSEE Certification Regarding Lobbying DOC
  • IPA/VSEE Certification Regarding Drug-Free Workplace DOC
  • IPA Assignee Cost Data Sheet DOC
  • Application for ASI Travel Award: DOC
  • Advanced Study Institutes Travel Award Report Form DOC
  • Application for Advanced Study Insititutes Travel AwardDOC
  • Antarctic Conservation Act Application and Permit FormDOC


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