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US District Court for the District of Delaware

The forms listed below are in PDF Format.



Download AO-240Application to Proceed Without Prepayment of Fees
Download In-House FormApplication to the Federal Civil Pane
Download In-House FormAttorney Admission Application
Download In-House FormAttorney Lounge Reservation
Download AO-133Bill of Costs
Download JS-044Civil Cover Sheet
Download AO-85Consent to Exercise – Magistrate Judge
Download AO-85AConsent – Dispositive Motion – Magistrate Judge
Download AO-187(DE)Exhibit and Witness List
In-House Form
General Discrimination Complaint
National Archives and Records Administration
Download NARA (NATF 91)National Archives and Records Administration
– Order for Civil Case
Download NARA (NATF 92)National Archives and Records Administration
– Order for Criminal Case
Download AO-398Notice of Appeal
Download In-House FormNotice of a Lawsuit And Request to Waive Service of a Summons
Download AO-399Waiver of the Service of Summons
Download In-House FormOrder re Registry Fund
Download USM-285Process Receipt and Return
Download In-House FormPro Hac Vice ECF Noticing Registration Form
Download In-House FormPro Hac Vice Motion and Order – Local Rule 83.5(c)
In-House Form
Social Security Complaint
Download AO-88Subpoena to Appear – Civil Case
Download AO-88ASubpoena to Testify –  Civil Case
Download AO-88BSubpoena to Produce – Civil Case
Download AO-440Summons in a Civil Action
Download AO-441Summons on a 3rd Party Complaint
In-House Form
Title VII Complaint
Download Form 22Transcript Purchase Order for the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals
Download In-House FormTranscript Purchase Order for the Third Circuit Court of Appeals


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