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US District Court for the District of Utah

Court Forms
Appeals Transcript Order FormPDF
Application for Judicial Branch Employment (AO 78)PDF
Application to Proceed Without Prepayment of Fees and Affidavit (AO 240)PDF
Attorney Change of Address FormPDF
Attorney Misconduct Complaint FormPDF
Attorney Notice of Appearance FormPDF
Attorney Planning Meeting FormPDF
Attorney Annual Bar Registration Form 2009-2010PDF
Bill of Costs (AO 133)PDF
Civil Cover Sheet (JS44) New Nature of Suit CodesPDF
Civil Subpoena (AO 88)PDF
Civil Summons (AO 440) Electronic SummonsPDF
CJA Panel Membership Application (Please see CJA Panel Rules for qualifications)PDF
CJA Form 24 – Authorization & Voucher for Payment of Transcript
(Instructions for CJA Form 24)
CJA Forms Page
Copywork Request FormPDF
Civil Rights Complaint GuidePDF
CM/ECF E-Filing Registration FormPDF
Employment Discrimination GuidePDF
Exhibit and Witness List Form (AO 187)PDF
Exhibit and Witness List Form -continuation list (AO 187a)PDF
Fee Schedule (effective 10/01/2008)PDF
Garnishment Packet – Personal Service (wage)PDF
Garnishment Packet – Not Personal Service (non-wage)PDF
Garnishment Packet -Personal Service (wage) Continuing GarnishmentPDF
Law Student Admission Forms Package (Supervision Attorney Consent,Client Consent,Law School Cerification)PDF
Magistrate Consent FormPDF
Nonresident Attorney Forms Package (motion, order, affidavit, admission card)PDF
Notice, Consent and Order of Reference-Exercise of Jurisdiction by a US Magistrate Judge (AO 85)PDF
Notice of Lawsuit – Request for Waiver (AO 398)PDF
Pretrial Order (General Form)PDF
Pro Hac Vice Form (contains motion, application, proposed order)WPD
Proposed Order for Psychiatric Examination and Report (Competency)WPD
Proposed Order for Psychiatric Examination and Report (Competency and Insanity)WPD
Proposed Scheduling OrderPDF
Pro Se Litigant GuidePDF
Transcript Form – Notice of Intent to Request Redaction
Transcript Policy and Procedures page.
Transcript Form – Redaction RequestWPD
Waiver of Service Form (AO 399)PDF
Writ of Execution Packet (includes Request for Hearing, Writ of Execution Notice & Writ)PDF
ADR Forms
Final Arbitration Agreement (Draft)PDF
Order of ReferencePDF
Motion to Refer Case to ADRPDF
Arbitration PrimerPDF
Mediation PrimerPDF

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