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US District Court for the Middle District of Florida

TitleForm No
General Forms
Affidavit of IndigencyDC 101
Application to Proceed Without Prepayment of Costs – Long FormAO 239
Application to Proceed Without Prepayment of Costs – Short FormAO 240
Application for Judicial Branch AppointmentAO 78
Apostille (Convention de La Haye, 5 Octobre 1961)AO 390
Apostille Index Card AO 392
Apostille Speciment Signature Card AO 391
Apostille – Statement of Effect of Index Card AO 393
Arbitrator’s Claim for Compensation FormMDFL
Attendance and Transcripts of Court Reporters AO 40A
Brief Guide to Service and ProceduresMDFL
Certified Copy AO 30
Exemplification CertificateAO 132
Fee ScheduleMDFL
Interpreter Claim FormMDFL
Contract Court Interpreter Application MDFL
Contract Court Interpreter Change Form
Judiciary Equal Employment Opportunity Program AO 342
Local RulesMDFL
Petition for Name Change AO 115
Plan for Bar AdmissionsMDFL
Plan for the Qualification and Selection of Grand Petit JurorsMDFL
Post Judgment Interest RatesMDFL
Process Receipt and ReturnUSM 94
Reinstatement of Federal BenefitsAO 249
Report on Filing Patent/TrademarkAO 120
Request for Service Abroad of Judicial Or Extrajudicial Documents USM 94
Rule Of The Judicial Council Of The Eleventh Circuit Governing Complaints Of Judicial Misconduct Or Disability
11th Circuit Transcript Order Form
Writ Of Execution DC 11
Civil Forms
Authority To Reimburse Court Appointed Counsel MDFL
Bill of CostAO 133
Certification of Judgment AO 451
Civil Cover SheetJS 44
Civil Discovery Practice HandbookMDFL
Consent to Exercise (over specific motion(s)) – Magistrate Judge AO 85A
Description of the Mediation ProcessMDFL
Federal Records Handouts NARA
Local RulesMDFL
Magistrate Consent FormAO 85
Mediator’s ApplicationMDFL
Mediator List MDFL
Mediation ReportMDFL
Notice/Waiver of SummonsAO 398
Notice of AppearanceAO 458
Subpoena/CivilAO 88
Subpoena / DepositionAO 88A
Subpoena / Produce DocumentsAO 88B
Summons/CivilAO 440
Third Party SummonsAO 441
Waiver of Service of SummonsAO 399
Criminal Forms
Agreement to Forfeit PropertyAO 100
Appearance BondAO 98
Bail Information SheetAO 100A
Consent to Proceed Before A Magistrate in a MisdemeanorAO 86A
Consent / ArraignmentMDFL
Deposition SubpoenaAO 90
Federal Record HandoutsNARA
Guilty PleaMDFL
Information for Persons Posting BondMDFL
Subpoena/criminalAO 89
Surety Information SheetAO 100B
Waiver of Indictment AO 455
Waiver of Rule 32.1 HearingsAO 466
Waiver of Rule 5 and 5.1 HearingsAO 466A
Waiver of Preliminary Examination or HearingAO 468
Attorney Forms
Public Notice: CJA Panel MembershipMDFL
CJA RegistrationMDFL
CJA – Panel ApplicationMDFL
CJA 20 – Appointment/Authority to Pay Court Appointed CounselMDFL
CJA 20 – Detailed Instructions
Ft. Myers
CJA 21 – Authorization & Voucher for Expert and Other ServicesMDFL
CJA 23 – Financial AffidavitMDFL
CJA 24 – Authorization & Voucher for Payment of TranscriptMDFL
CJA 30 – Death Penalty Proceedings: Pay Court Appointed CounselMDFL
CJA 30 WorksheetMDFL
CJA 31 – Death Penalty Proceedings: Ex Parte Request for Expert & Other Services VouchersMDFL
CJA & Mileage RatesMDFL
CJA Out Of Court Hourly WorksheetMDFL
CJA In Court Hourly WorksheetMDFL
CJA Other Expense WorksheetMDFL
Attorney Admission ApplicationMDFL
CM/ECF Registration FormMDFL
Application for Special Admission to PracticeMDFL
Prisoner Forms
Habeas Corpus (28 § 2254)MDFL
Motion to Vacate (28 § 2255)MDFL
28 USC § 2244(b) Application for Leave to File a Second or Successive Habeas Corpus PetitionCA11
Prisoner Civil Rights (42 § 1983) MDFL
28 USC § 2255 Application for Leave to File a Second or Successive Motion to Vacate, Set Aside or Correct SentenceCA11


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