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Kansas Secretary of State Forms

The forms are sorted into the following categories and can be accessed under each heading.

Business Trusts

BRBusiness Trust Resolution of Withdrawal
BTBusiness Trust Annual Report
BUBusiness Trust Application

Charitable organizations

FSCharitable Solicitation Financial Statement
SCRegistration Statement for Solicitations
URSUnified Registration Statement

Corporations for Profit

APFor Profit Corporation Certificate of Amendment
ARCorporate Annual Report
CCCertificate of Corporate Correction
CDCertificate of Domestication
CFFor Profit Articles of Incorporation
CORCorrected Document – Corporations For Profit
CPCertificate of Dissolution Prior to Commencing Business
DSFor Profit Corporation Dissolution by Stockholders’ Meeting
DWDissolution by Written Consent
ECElectric Cooperative Annual Report
FAForeign Corporation Application
FAPForeign for Profit Corporation Certificate of Amendment
FWForeign Corporation Certificate of Withdrawal
PAProfessional Corporation Annual Report
RDCertificate of Revocation of Dissolution
ROCorporation Change of Registered Office or Agent
RRCorporation Certificate of Reinstatement

Corporations Not for Profit

ANNonprofit Corporation Certificate of Amendment
CNNot For Profit Articles of Incorporation
CORCorrected Document – Corporations Not For Profit
NCCNot For Profit Corporation Certificate of Correction
NMNot For Profit Corporation Dissolution by Members’ Meeting
NPNot For Profit Corporation Annual Report
NRONot for Profit Corporation Change of Registered Office or Agent
NWNot For Profit Corporation Dissolution by Written Consent
RNNot for Profit Corporation Certificate of Reinstatement

Fund Raisers

FRProfessional Fund Raiser Annual Report
POProfessional Fund Raiser Operating Statement
PRProfessional Fund Raiser Application
PSProfessional Solicitor Application

Limited Liability Companies

ATCertificate of Amendment/Termination to Certificate of LLC Merger or Consolidation
CAForeign Limited Liability Company Cancellation of Authority To Do Business in Kansas
CLKansas Limited Liability Company Certificate of Amendment
COCertificate of Correction to Foreign Limited Liability Company Application
CORCorrected Document – Limited Liability Companies
CTLimited Liability Company Certificate of Correction
CVCertificate of Conversion
DLKansas Limited Liability Company Articles of Organization
FLForeign Limited Liability Company
KCKansas Limited Liability Company Certificate of Cancellation
LCLimited Liability Company Annual Report
RCReinstatement of Limited Liability Company
RLLLimited Liability Company Change of Registered Office or Agent

Limited Liability Partnerships/General Partnerships

ALPLimited Liability Partnership Amendment to Statement of Qualification
CLPLimited Liability Partnership Cancellation of Statement of Qualification
GAGeneral Partnership Statement of Partnership Authority
GCGeneral Partnership Cancellation of Statement
GDGeneral Partnership/Limited Liability Partnership Statement of Dissolution
GLGeneral Partnership/Limited Liability Partnership Statement of Denial
GMGeneral Partnership/Limited Liability Partnership Amendment
GSGeneral Partnership/Limited Liability Partnership Statement of Dissociation
LLPLimited Liability Partnership Annual Report
QLLPLimited Liability Partnership Statement of Qualification
RLPReinstatement of Limited Liability Partnership

Limited Partnerships

CALKansas Limited Partnership Certificate of Amendment
CELimited Partnership Certificate of Cancellation
CKCertificate for a Kansas Limited Partnership
CRForeign Limited Partnership Cancellation of Registration in Kansas
LPLimited Partnership Annual Report
LPFForeign Limited Partnership
LRLimited Partnership Change of Registered Office or Agent
RLReinstatement of Limited Partnership

Trademarks/Service Marks

TMTrademark or Service Mark
TMATrademark or Service Mark Assignment
TMCTrademark or Service Mark Cancellation
BWBonded Warehouse License Application
WBWarehouseman Bond
MABusiness Entity Mailing Address Update

Uniform Commercial Code

UCC1UCC Online Financing Statement
UCC2UCC Online Financing Statement Amendment
UCC2UCC Online Termination
UCCIIOnline Information Request (AccessKansas password required)
***UCC1AdUCC Financing Statement Addendum
***UCC5UCC Statement of Claim
UCC1UCC Financing Statement
UCC1APUCC Financing Statement Additional Party
UCC2UCC Financing Statement Amendment
UCC2AdUCC Financing Statement Amendment Addendum
UCC2APUCC Financing Statement Amendment Additional Party
UCC4UCC Agriculture Production Input Lien
UCCII**Information Request
UCC1UCC Online Financing Statement

Notary Public

NCNotary Public Change of Status
NONotary Public Appointment

Elections & Legislative

AV1Application for Advance Voting Ballot A
AV10Instruction for Voting Optical Scan Advance Voting Ballot
AV2Application for Permanent Advance Voting Status
AV5Affidavit of Assistance
AV7Application for Advance Voting Ballot by a Former Precinct Resident
AV9Instruction for Voting Paper Advance Voting Ballot
CLICKDeclaration of Intention (Precinct Committeeman/woman)
CLICKKansas Voter Registration Application
CPKansas Non-Partisan City / School Nomination Petition
CVRStatewide Voter Registration Data Request
DAPKansas Primary Nomination Petition for District Attorney
FP1Affidavit of Former Precinct Resident
FS/FWFlag Order Form
GIKansas Independent Nomination Petition Governor & Lt. Governor
GPKansas Primary Nomination Petition Governor & Lt. Governor
IEKansas Independent Nomination Petition / Presidential Electors
IPKansas Independent Nomination Petition
LSLegal Publications Order Form
LWLegal Publications Order Form walk-in
OPPetition to Establish Official Party Recognition
PAAuthorized Poll Agents
PEKansas Presidential Primary Nomination Petition
PFApplication of Former Resident Presidential Ballot
PNApplication of New Resident Presidential Ballot
PPKansas Primary Nomination Petition
PRApplication of Relocated Resident Presidential Ballot
RPPetition for Recall of Elected Official
S1Statement of Federal Services Voter
S1FAffidavit of Federal Services Facsimile Voter
S2Certificate of Voting of Recently Discharged Federal Service Elector
S3Affidavit of Former Federal Service Elector
VIPaper Ballot Instructions to Voters
WGAffidavit of Candidacy Governor & Lt. Governor
WPAffidavit of Write in Candidacy US President / Vice President

Cemeteries & Funeral Homes

CARCemetery Permanent Maintenance and Merchandise Trust Funds Annual Report
CERCemetery Registration
FHFuneral Home Statutory Compliance Report
NPFNotice of Intent to Sell Prearranged Funeral Agreements, Contracts or Plans (refer to e of Statute 16-310)
NPMNotification to Sell Prepaid Merchandise Contracts


AAAthlete Agent Registration
BABusiness Agent Registration
CLICKApplication for Employment – Adobe Acrobat
CLICKApplication for Employment – Microsoft Word
CLICKKansas Register Submission Form
CLICKKansas Register Subscription Form
HCCHealth Care Card Supplier Application
HCCPHealth Care Card Supplier Package
LALabor/Employee Organization
MNCertificate of Manual Signature
NRReservation of Corporate Name
PRARPaper Records Access Request
RARMiscellaneous Records Request


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