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Maryland Secretary of State Forms


Certifications & Authentications

  • Certification and authentication request form PDF
  • Manual signatures PDF
  • Charitable Organization Division Annual Update pdf
  • Certification Form pdf
  • Charity Registration – COR-92 pdf
  • Exempt Organization Fund-Raising Notice pdf
  • Form COF-85 Fiscal form pdf
  • Fund-Raising Counsel Application html
  • Professional Solicitor Application Application pdf
  • Public Safety Solicitor Application Application pdf
  • Professional Solicitor Fund-Raising Notice pdf
  • Professional Solicitor Surety Bond pdf
  • Professional Solicitor Accounting Report pdf
  • Raffle of real property winner form pdf
  • Disclosure Statement for Raffles of Property pdf
  • Concerned about a Charity or Professional Fund-raiser html

Notaries Division

  • New and renewal Notary Application pdf
  • Name and/or address change pdf
  • Concerned about a notary public html

International Affairs division form

  • International Mission Briefing pdf
  • International Delegation Request pdf

Division of State Documents

  • COMAR Order Form pdf
  • Maryland Register Order Form pdf
  • Archived MD Register and E-Subscription Form pdf

Other forms

  • Trademark Application Trademark or Service Mark Registration or Renewal Form pdf Assignment of Mark pdf
  • Condominium Application pdf
  • Public Disclosure pdf
  • Insignia Application pdf
  • Ceremonial Pen Request pdf
  • Use of Flag Form Use of the Maryland State Flag pdf
  • Buy State Flag Purchase a Maryland State flag pdf
  • Address Confidentiality Program pdf


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